Applications to be on season 1 of 13: FEAR IS REAL, a horror-themed reality series that premiered on CW on January 9/09, first closed on April 16/08. They didn't find everything they were looking for and the deadline was extended to May 12th as the producers sought, "white-collar professionals or students pursuing a white collar profession."

This series has some heavyweight names behind it. Spiderman director Sam Rami and partner Robert Tapert, along with Jay Bienstock (Survivor, Apprentice) are executive producers. Originally titled House of Horrors, the premise, according to Variety, is to, “utilize horror-themed challenges to knock players off one by one, until just one is left, having survived all that bloodshed.”

Open casting calls were held in LA, Philadelphia, Dallas and Miami. According to the producers, they are casting 13 like a horror movie, with all the stereotypes the producers of the Scream movies have been making a living off of for years.

VPTV will update this post when new information (Renewed? Season 2 casting?) becomes available.